• Danny Zanker:爵士歌手工作坊

    活躍於紐約、目前旅居上海的超強貝斯手 Danny Zanker 即將於今年暑假來到台灣,在絲竹空舉辦精彩超值的爵士工作坊!

    Danny 畢業於美國德州大學奧斯丁分校,曾師事 Dave HollandMark Helias  Ratzo harris。從16歲就開始職業演奏生涯,與許多國際知名音樂家合作演出,包括 Antonio HartWayne EscoffreyTina MayStefan KarlssonGianni Gagliardi 等。



    課堂中也會練習如何設定曲速、如何提示 vamps 與結尾,並學習演唱 bass lineguide tone lines、即興演唱,以及如何保持良好的節奏感。

    名額: 6 人開班
    學費:5500 每週研習 2 小時,共 8 週,9-10月上課 )

    Vocal Workshop

    This class is based on work I have done with many singers in Shanghai. The idea is to help with all the issues that arise in trying to perform jazz with a band.
    A key feature of the class will be to help with pronouncing the lyrics correctly, content words (and not stressing function words), and trying to sound natural singing in English.
    We will also work on setting up time, cuing vamps and endings, being able to sing the bass line and create guide tone lines, improvising on a tune, and keeping rhythm with the band.


    Danny Zanker


    Danny Zanker began his career as a bassist at the age of sixteen, playing professionally all over the state of Texas. Eventually his love of jazz led him to start playing the double bass and move to New York, where he went on to play with many of the finest musicians in the world. During his time in New York, he had long stints in a variety of Balkan and Middle Eastern groups, as well as with a number of avant garde groups and original modern jazz groups. After having absorbed a wealth of rhythmic and harmonic ideas from his peers, Danny began to compose his own music, and this led him to form his own band, Anti-Elevator Mission, which in turn led to more tours and more recognition.
    In the summer of 2009, Danny decided to take a break from the rigors of NYC and move to Shanghai. Since then, he has been playing regularly with several prominent bands there, including Li Xiaochuan Quartet, Coco Zhao and the Possicobilities, Jasmine and her Jazzmen, and the Zhang Xiongguan trio. Danny is also a regular member of the Heyday Club house trio, and he is also doing well leading his own group, the Zankin Fives, a band that navigates fearlessly through his rhythmically challenging, emotionally driven compositions.
    In the past couple of years, Danny has also performed with several visiting artists, including Antonio Hart, Wayne Escoffrey, Tina May, Stefan Karlsson, Gianni Gagliardi, and many more. He has also appeared regularly in the JZ Festival with Coco Zhao, Li Xiaochuan, Jasmine Chen, Zhang Le, and Jade Lee, and in the summer of 2015 he spent a week in France performing at the Antibes Jazz Festival.


    1987-1991: Music Performance Degree from the University of Texas at Austin.
    2005-2008: Private bass lessons with Dave Holland, Mark Helias and Ratzo harris